Gallery: 2022 Public Appearances Additions

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Gallery Links:
Public Appearances > Events in 2022 > Mar 13 | EE British Academy Film Awards 2022 – Inside
Public Appearances > Events in 2022 > Apr 18 | “The Northman” LA Premiere
Public Appearances > Events in 2022 > May 21 | The Standard Ibiza Grand Opening Party
Public Appearances > Events in 2022 > Jun 9 | Opening of Tiffany and C’s Brand Exhibition – Vision and Virtuosity
Public Appearances > Events in 2022 >  Jul 8 | Valentino Haute Couture Fall Winter


Happy Birthday Florence!

I hope you have a fabulous birthday and wish you all the best for this year!


Gallery: “Hawkeye” Episode Stills & Screencaps


Gallery Links:

Television Projects > [2021] Hawkeye > Posters
Television Projects > [2021] Hawkeye > Behind the Scenes
Television Projects > [2021] Hawkeye > 1.04 “Partners, Am I Right?” Stills
Television Projects > [2021] Hawkeye > 1.05 “Ronin” Stills
Television Projects > [2021] Hawkeye > 1.05 “Ronin” Screencaps
Television Projects > [2021] Hawkeye > 1.06 “So This is Christmas?” Stills
Television Projects > [2021] Hawkeye > 1.06 “So This is Christmas?” Screencaps

Gallery/Video: “Hawkeye” 1.04 Screencaps & 1.05 Promo

It ended up being pretty difficult to get good screenshots since she was only in dark scenes, wearing a hood mostly, and fighting so there was a lot of blurred pics. Hopefully these are clear enough for you to enjoy! Can’t wait until next episode!



Gallery Links:
Television Projects > [2021] Hawkeye > 1.04 “Partners, Am I Right?” Screencaps

Gallery: “Don’t Look Up” Premiere and “Assembled” Screencaps

Gallery Links:

Public Appearances > Events in 2021 > Dec 7 | ‘Don’t Look Up’ NYC Premiere
Film Projects > [2020] Black Widow > 1.04 ‘Assembled – Black Widow’ Screencaps

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Florence Pugh in Little Women – HD Screencaptures

The Starring Florence Pugh gallery has been updated with nearly 1500 HD 1080p screencaptures of Florence as Amy March in Little Women.

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– Film Projects > [2019] Little Women > HD Screencaptures

Florence Pugh at Louis Vuitton for Paris Fashion Week

Florence made a brief appearance at this year’s Paris Fashion Week. Check out photos of her arriving and in the front row with Alicia Vikander for the Louis Vuitton show in our gallery.

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– Public Appearances > Events in 2020 > March 03 | Paris Fashion Week: Louis Vuitton – Inside

Florence Pugh Is a New Kind of Breakout Star

Last April the British actor Florence Pugh was visiting New York with her sisters when she walked into a tattoo parlor. She didn’t know what she wanted. And then she did.

“All right, I want a bee,” she said.

“What kind of bee?” asked the tattoo artist.

“I want bird’s-eye-view. Quite mathematical. Not lifelike,” she replied.

The tattoo artist smiled. “For someone who didn’t know what she wanted,” he said, “you knew—exactly.”

“Yeah,” said Pugh, more surprised than anyone. “That’s weird.”

She tells me this story one afternoon in London, looking down at the tiny line drawing on her inner wrist and frowning a little in confusion at her own impulse. The tale of her first and only tattoo seems to say a great deal about the way Pugh operates. Ari Aster, who directed her in last summer’s terrifying Midsommar, suggests that she is “somebody who really needs to rely on her gut,” and that it’s important for others to trust that as well “because her gut is so extremely trustworthy.” It gives her a beguiling mix of confidence and modesty, of commitment without brash ambition.

The symbol she bears on her body is, it turns out, a worker bee.

“I know,” she says when I suggest this is apt, “and I had no idea.”

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Florence Pugh Is a New York Natural

“I was staying in Lower East Side — does that make sense? Does that sound right?”

As evidenced by the above, 21-year-old Oxford native Florence Pugh is in New York for the first time “ever ever ever,” and she’s a tad excited.

“I want to eat a bagel. I want to [eat a vendor hot dog]. [I] basically want to eat every form of food that I’ve seen someone eat in New York,” the actress says. “I want to shout ‘taxi!’ and I want to basically just do all the general stuff that you see in films.”

Pugh is in New York courtesy of her breakout moment, starring as Katherine in “Lady Macbeth,” which is out this weekend. The film, which was a hit at Sundance (where WWD first met the actress), is not the Shakespearean tragedy we know and love but rather an adaptation of the Nikolai Leskov novel “Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk District.” Her character Katherine is a young woman trapped in a marriage to a man many years her senior, who begins an affair with her household’s groomsman.

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