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Florence Pugh Might Just Save the Movie Star From Extinction

May 26, 2023   Article, Florence

When Florence Pugh was a child, she hated to cry in public. If she had an argument with her parents, she would run to the bathroom, lock the door, and sit under the sink. Only then would she weep. “When I started acting I remember thinking, ‘Ooh, this isn’t good news’ because we all know […]

Florence Pugh Says She “Definitely Abused” Herself For Her Midsommar Performance

April 3, 2023   Article, Florence

Florence Pugh has opened up about the demanding nature of one of her best-known roles. The Academy Award nominee and A Good Person actress previously starred as Dani, the lead character of Ari Aster’s 2019 horror film Midsommar. During her recent guest appearance on the Off Menu podcast with Ed Gamble and James Acaster, the […]

Florence to Present the 95th Academy Award Oscars

March 8, 2023   Article, Florence

Florence is part of the second set of presenters for this year’s 95th Academy Award Oscars! The 95th Oscars will happen this upcoming Sunday, March 12. You can watch it live if you live in the USA at the ABC Channel. Meet your second slate of presenters for the 95th Oscars. Tune into ABC to […]