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Now 17-year-old Florence Pugh, from Oxford, is set to appear next year on the silver screen, acting in a major role opposite Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams in The Falling.

Greta Scacchi, star of The Player and Presumed Innocent, and Maxine Peake from Shameless will also star in the BBC Films production, which will be directed by BAFTA-nominated Carol Morley.

This is the first film for the Oxford teenager, who goes to St Edward’s School in Woodstock Road.

Florence told the Oxford Mail: “Due to such a widespread casting call to girls and schools across the country, I was particularly thrilled to find I would be acting alongside Maisie Williams, Maxine Peake and Gretta Scacchi.

“When reading the script, I knew from the beginning the character was going to be hugely challenging.”

The Falling tells the story of Lydia, played by Maisie Williams, who wants to discover the cause of a mysterious fainting epidemic at her all-girls school in 1969.

Florence plays her best friend Abbie.

The movie is written and directed by Carol Morley and filming finished on Monday.

Florence said: “Filming with Carol Morley has been an incredible experience from day one. I am so lucky to have been working with Agnes Godard, who is the cinematographer.

“During the shoot, some of the work has been both physically and emotionally draining, but I have been loving every second.

“My future ambition is to work as an actor and singer on screen and theatre. I am lucky enough in The Falling to do both.”

Florence is in The Falling with younger sister Rafaela, 10, who plays her younger sister.

Their brother Toby Sebastian, 21, is already making a name for himself in Hollywood and will be appearing in the comedy Barely Lethal next year alongside heavyweights Samuel L Jackson and Jessica Alba and Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner.

Florence added: “The family have always been involved in performing from a young age and so it’s great to see that we are all actually doing it as a career.

“What’s strange is that Toby received his part within the same week, also acting alongside another Game of Thrones star, Sophie Turner. We both sing, both play guitar and act in films.

“Although my younger sister is in the film, funnily enough playing my younger sister, I don’t get to act with her.”

Dad Clinton Pugh said: “It is very exciting. It is wonderful.”

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